From King Army Stew — a new F&B establishment which had opened its doors fairly recently, taking over the former premises now-defunct Roots by Raw Elements at Fortune Centre. Serving up mainly Korean stews, they also do have Korean pancakes on the menu, with a variety of beverages ranging from soft drinks to Korean canned drinks and alcoholic options to choose from.

The Korean Army Stew comes in two sizes; Medium and Large with the former being the one which we have opted for and is good to share between two to three pax. It comes with all the ingredients served in a pot to be cooked over a portable stove after the server has poured in the broth at the table; the stew is ready to eat once the stew starts to boil, and when the noodles have softened. Hadn’t have too many Korean Army Stews to make form a very accurate opinion; that being said, the stew here felt a little bit lighter and on the sweeter side — have always preferred my Korean Army Stew to be on the thicker side with a slightly spicier note that tingles the taste buds. That being said, the Korean Army Stew here does comes with a good variety of condiments such as tofu, luncheon meat, hotdog, Kimchi, bacon, Enoki mushroom, baked beans and rice cake — accompanied with Korean instant noodles topped with sliced cheese which is pretty much as wholesome as it gets for such an item. Patrons can have the Korean Army Stew as it is, or order bowls of rice to enjoy the stew with — fairly decent I would say.

Found it to be a rather attractive deal considering how there was an ongoing opening promotion where the Korean Army Stew (Medium) is offered at 50% off (i.e. $12.95) until 28 November 2020 — wouldn’t have known about the shop if not for them having staff disturbing flyers at the entrance of Fortune Centre considering how the shop is hidden at Level 3, which led us to discover this newly-opened eatery there during lunch.

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