Throwback to this meal I had a while back. Never been one to swoon over Nasi Lemak but boy, does this deserve a special mention.

Nestled under a block of HDB flats in Bedok North 122, Azme Corner has been quietly churning out stellar food for over half a decade.

The stall serves a simple but well executed menu. Choose your set (chicken, fish) and select add-ons like begedil, or an extra chicken wing. First-time customers can opt for the Nasi Lemak special (S$3.50) to try both their chicken and wing selar fish. (pretty incredible value)

For starters, their coconut rice was done to sheer perfection. Each grain was fluffy and busting with coconut flavour. Don't be ashamed in asking for an extra serving of rice (or if you are like me, a second plate will do). The other components were equally fantastic. Ikan bilis & peanuts were crispy and fragrant, and the egg was done omelette-style, which is quite a refreshing touch opposed to the usual sunny side-up. The pièce de résistance (chicken wing), was fried superbly. Crispy, juicy and oozing with flavour, I would order an additional portion on its own. Last but not least, the sambal chili was also very impressive. Not too sweet and packing a slight punch, it binds the entire dish together.

There aren't many places which still make Nasi Lemak this way, and not to mention at this price. An absolute must-go for all you Nasi Lemak fanatics.

Be warned, long queues of returning customers are still spotted outside the stall at 9am on weekends though. Who knows, maybe you'll run into me waiting in line, hungry for more.

🚫 Closed on Mondays

122 Bedok North Street 2, Azme Corner Muslim Food
Opening Hours: 9am till 12.30pm/sold out

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