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We are big fans of the ImpTreas group, and like ALL their different brands, no month goes by without us visiting one of their outlets. I must say I am not a big amateur of steamboats especially in the hot Singapore weather, so this was our first visit since the restaurant opened. You can recognise the Imperial Treasure signature: understated and elegant décor, courteous and professional service. The food? It is high-end alright - lots of soup choices, high-quality ingredients, nice sauces - but it’s over-the-top for a steamboat restaurant, which at the end of the day is still a family or close-friend affair. It’s too pricey, a bit stiff, and after the meal you can still feel the MSG. At least, Haidilao is more fun. So, we’ll stick to ImpTreas Teochew, Peking Duck and Shanghai, or the simple Noodles & Congee.

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