Famed for their over-the-top milkshakes and burger, I had wanted to try their milkshakes initially but felt way too full after devouring their burger and couldn't make any space for it anymore. Went with The Old Fashioned ($24) which is essentially a classic beef burger. Given their price point, I was hoping for a substantial piece of beef patty and they certainly did not disappoint. Their burgers were huge, with the patty made up of prime ground beef, which I felt was a little dry even though I asked for medium. Slathered and drowned in swiss cheese was my patty, before being topped with shitake mushrooms and caramelized onions. To complete the meal, a heap of chunky fries was thrown onto the plate which goes exceedingly well with the horseradish sauce. In fact, everything goes well with said sauce, where it provides a blast of heat to accentuate the flavours of everything it's paired with. Thankfully, as a non vegetable lover, the greens were placed nicely on the side with the biggest pickle that I've ever seen served at any diner.