finally tried the Ma Maison Hokkaido Cheese Ramen! located in the basement of the relatively new Capitol Piazza, it is on the same level as the City Hall MRT exit. this bowl of ramen costs $16.80++, does not come with a ramen egg (additional $1.50++) and only contains one slice of char siew. pretty expensive considering most other ramen shops (read: NOT ippudo) serve bigger bowls with more toppings at a cheaper price. guess you gotta pay more for their supposed "special Hokkaido cheese"... it comes in 4 soup bases: shio, shoyu, miso and spicy (additional $0.50++) i ordered the shio.

the ramen looked really appetising with that mountain of cheese in a creamy bowl of soup. i was told that the cheese mixes better with hot soup, meaning i should mix the cheese in ASAP (and STOP taking 48727294 photos first) so i did. unfortunately i think the cheese did not mix well anyway. i was expecting the cheese to be of a thicker consistency so that it could kind of wrap around the noodles but that did not happen. instead it either dissolved into the soup, which did not make the already-creamy soup taste much more different, or it clumped and collected at the bottom of the bowl (i found quite a few pieces only at the end of my meal)

the noodles were ok; the thicker Hokkaido style ramen noodles were not really to my liking.. i prefer the thinner Hakata style noodles anyway (Ippudo has the best noodles i've tried so far). the soup was creamy and not too salty and it reminded me of a Chabuton kind of milky broth.

special shoutout to the side dish of cheesy pork cutlet. that was better than the ramen.. i guess Ma Maison should just stick to their tonkatsu. haha.

overall i would give the bowl of ramen a 2.5/5 for its taste and rather high cost. if you fancy a nice bowl of cheese ramen i would recommend either the Spring Ramen from Ramen Keisuke Four Seasons (still my #1 ramen shop in Singapore) or the Emerald Green Ramen from Ramen Bar Suzuki. both contain basil + cheese.

if you do visit this ramen shop, get their tonkatsu sets instead (and the HEAVENLY cheesy pork cutlet as a side dish). do yourself a favour and skip the ramen.