Matcha Bun ($2.80) consisted of matcha crunch & green tea powder on top of the bread as green tea soft bun filled chocolate custard filling (can refer the picture for description of matcha bun) so basically I don't really understand why they wanted to do similar concept for matcha bun as donq bakery but they saw a lot of people bought matcha bun and always sold out within a couple of minutes after releasing on the shelves. They think that they should be trying to make matcha bun for attracting people to buy it. But I didn't saw people wanted to buy matcha bun and a lot of matcha bun left it at shelves when I was at there around late afternoon time. I felt the quality for matcha bun was not up to the standard even though they managed to replicate most of it. The matcha bun (cream) was quite milky and creamy for me as I didn't taste much chocolate custard inside the filling. The matcha crunch was quite hard for me and the green tea powder like to keep dropping off from the bread (felt a bit of waste when the powder was on the plate) saw @cinnamor011 doing matcha bun reviews on last two weeks so I didn't wanted to write it at that time. oh yes my top of the matcha bun got hit at Zojirushi Toaster Oven (u can google it and it is still selling at electronic store) as it was quite high height for toaster. my family and I even saw fire burning off on matcha bun *internal shock* and so I didn't wanted to talk about it anymore. you all can referred the picture that the top of bread is being cut off and revealed matcha filling from top of the bread.