This fat stack lives up to its name of being legendary. A well grilled medium ear black Angus beef patty, the beef was tender and flavourful at the same time. The bun was buttered and toasty, making this an added delight to eat. Hard Rock Cafeโ€™s specialty steak sauce was placed separately, and itโ€™s up to you to decide how much youโ€™d like on your burger. It was slightly sourish, but appetising and light. However, pouring it made the burger slightly soggy, so pour at your own risk (else your could just dip it). Almost all the elements of the burger came together nicely, except for the onion rings. While the onion rings were crispy and great, they made the burger way too huge, and it was just better off being munched on on its own.
The atmosphere at Hard Rock Cafe was unpretentious. Arguably a quintessential restaurant in almost every country, Hard Rock Cafe has made a name for itself for centring itself around rock music and music legends. Adding to this great vibes were relatively friendly and cheerful service staff!