• Homemade Ngoh Hiang (S$8.80++)
Made with real fillings like pork and prawns wrapped in beancurd skin and deep fried.

• Cai Xin (medium - S$6++)

• Pork Rib Soup (S$7.80++)
Peppery hot soup with 3 slabs of tender pork ribs.

• Braised Pig’s Intestine (S$7++)
No gamey taste, braised till tender.

• Chicken Feet w/ Beancurd (large - S$6.20++)
Consists of 3 chicken feet that are braised till soft, the skin and meat can easily be detached from the bones.

• Salted Vegetables (small - S$1.60)
The saltiness is on point, you can eat it just like that w/out rice. Is soft and fragrance.