Visiting this hidden neighbourhood ice-cream parlour deep in the realms of Yishun comes with a sense of nostalgia to me; the simpler days of cafe-hopping where such new places pops up every couple of days under a HDB block, and the discovery of a new ice-cream parlour in Yishun — a first for the North, just brings back a lot of memories about carefree days for me.

There are some new offerings such as the Yakukt Cookies which I was rather tempted to try whilst skimming through the menu board in the queue to get a seat, but found myself ordering the Honeycomb and Mao Shan Wang to go together with the Golden Waffle when I was at the counter — both of which being flavours which I have tried very early on in the days when Holy Cow Creamery had just opened their doors. The Golden Waffle now pales in comparison to the other more stellar waffles that more recent ice-cream parlours serves up — their eggy rendition, whilst is still sufficiently dense and crisp, felt a tad bland when placed aside the more appealing buttermilk variety of waffles which seems more of a norm these days. But otherwise, the Honeycomb and Mao Shan Wang ice-creams are fairly consistent over the past couple of years — the Honeycomb Ice-Cream being a flavour with a milk base that comes with swirls of honeycomb that provides a contrasting hint of sweetness whilst being a milky, creamy and rich flavour. On the other hand, the Mao Shan Wang Ice-Cream carries that same level of pungency and buttery notes that made it so impressive, and reminds me much of the same when I have had it for the very first time; something that durians will never get enough of. That being said, perhaps its probably how I am getting older; found their ice-creams a little too saccharine this time round.

It’s interesting to see how time has past, and I am quite glad to see a crowd formed up in this otherwise quiet neighbourhood for waffles and ice-cream on a weekday night — a spot perhaps well-received and cherished by residents around it.

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