- Bruschetta al Pomodoro e Burrata: Really pretty dish looking like spring landed on a plate! Tomato sorbet made the flavours & textures interesting
- Cappellini Burro e Timo: The seafood flavour of the lobster was really strong in the sauce, giving it the extra seafood kick.
- Miyazaki Wagyu A4: Host’s recommendation of this dish is perfect! Would have this again on next visit. The meat was so tender and flavourful!
- Tramonto: We called this clouds on a plate because the gelato and yogurt looked like patches of clouds on the plate with pretty blue swirls
- La sfera: Don’t forget to mix in the lemon sorbet hiding in the middle of the ball!

Also had small bites with compliments from Chef Sasa. Super cute - like a garden on the table, and each had very interesting taste. Felt really fun deciphering the ingredients.

Restaurant was recently renovated to be brighter and more open concept. Get a seat nearer to the pool to enjoy the sky view, or a table inside for a more lounge vibe.