My usual and favourite weekend breakfast with my family is a plate of Black Chai Tow Kway (Fried Radish Cake). Opened from morning to afternoon (or till sold out), the unassuming Chai Tow Kway stall in Block 442 Coffee shop has a steady group of regulars despite the short operating hours. At $2.50 (minimum) a packet, they are usually sold out by the late afternoon so if we are there we will order 2 big plate (one of them with chilli) to share and pork porridge from another stall for a hearty weekend brunch. We would always order the black version as the addition of the black sweet sauce is simply irresistible. You would notice that their version does not have chai poh but even without the chai poh nothing beats the fragrance of garlic and the lovely wok aroma~

(Unfortunately hearing from my father the uncle behind the wok is retiring but his apprentice hopefully can fry up a storm and retain the flavours.)