The new menu offerings, that took inspirations from Head Chef Sujatha and her team’s travel experiences, focus on South East Asian flavours and textural food using regional produce. Diners will be amazed at the flavours coming from both the Spicy Duck Loaded Fries ($17) and Fiery Shrimp Pizza ($30) which you just cannot get enough of.

The former comes with a bed of golden thick-cut fries that has been drizzled generously with mayonnaise, mozzarella and Sriracha cream to give the tangy and spicy kick. A handful amount of sautéed smoked duck chunks is then layered at the top before a garnish of scallions give it the finishing touch. Café food is usually rich and hearty, and that’s what the Spicy Duck Loaded Fries bring to the table with the differing texture and flavours. The latter Fiery Shrimp Pizza transported me back to Bangkok as the New York-styled pizza base is covered with a layer of squid ink garlic aioli, lined with fresh tiger prawns and topped with a homemade tangy chili dressing that’s reminiscent of the Thai seafood sauce, nam jim.
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