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Skewers review!

Must order: Chicken wings (comes with 3 levels of spiciness, enjoyed the 2nd level, but the highest level is pure evil), lamb skewer (miles away from China’s standard, but still good), bacon with enoki, luncheon meat

Decent: Vegetables we tried (potato, long bean, broccoli), salmon, pork intestine, chicken feet, pork belly, quail egg, pork skin

Skip: German pork sausage, caveman bread (just bread with butter), mantou (terrible he says)

This place is super pricey; skewers average $2, with portions pretty small. We had 30 skewers for 2 pax for $71... better order the fried rice to fill up (eatigo has 50% off, but even with that it’s still not very worth it)

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