Your lovely Gelato cafe in Tampines West neighbourhood.
Updated Info(from Emi's)**
If you mix and match Premium & Supreme scoop, that will be a $1 offset which means to say; instead of $9.50 total, will become $8.50. Same logic apply to 2 Pre 1 Sup or vice versa.
That being say, Emi's said they had done some adjustment in the waffle recipe over the weekends. So do give them a try again if you ever there.
Despite many bad review about them, I still have a go on it and try cause taste and experience is personal and everyone deserve a second chance.
Place was super small and kind of hot & stuffy or maybe is just us that were too hot to handle.🥵
Knowing about how they count the price for premium and supreme scoop independently, we tend to be more caution about it.😅
We had a waffle($5) with triple supreme scoop($13).😙
Waffle crust was perfectly done to a nice crispy state but the inner part of the thick waffle was way undercooked, its like eating partially cooked flour mixture.🤢 Waffle tasted bland & gelato didn't help much either.😔
Luckily, their gelato was alright. All their Gelato carried a much more intense flavour, silkier texture and denser than normal ice cream.
Belgian Chocolate🍫 - Thick & dense chocolatey flavour.
Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry😋 - Wow! This is fantastic. Distinctive strong and floral taste with bits of wolfberry with a delicate smooth texture.
Mocha with Biscotti & Chip - Grainy texture due to the mixture of biscotti biscuit. Sweet. Coffee taste was moderate. Like eating a typical high tea set.
I hope they can give a little bigger scoop of Gelato in the future as it is smaller if compare to others but nonetheless, it still pretty worth the try.👌
Homemade Waffle - $5
Waffle Cone - $1
Affogato - $6
Single Premium - $4.50
Double Premium - $8
Triple Premium - $11.50
Pint Premium - $16
Single Supreme - $5
Double Supreme - $9
Triple Supreme - $13
Pint Supreme - $18
Thank Emi's Waffle & Gelato for reading and addressing my feedback.
🚩Emi's Waffle & Gelato, Tampines Street 81, Block 824, Singapore 520824
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