✨Collins 🇸🇬✨⁣

How about a hearty plate of grilled chicken chop pasta for lunch? 🤪 $15⁣. Collins is my new found love when it comes to western food. 💓💓⁣

What is there to complain, their chicken chop is grilled to perfection and their portions are hugeee. 😍 Also, their corn cob is one of the sweetest out there and their Aglio olio pasta is always on point. 👏🏻⁣

Thank god I can get Collins delivery from my place. I can never get sick of their signature grilled chicken chop $15. 😍😍 Thank you @deliveroo_sg for being such a life saver. 🤩👏🏻👏🏻 ⁣

(Thank you to other delivery providers like @foodpandasg & @grabfoodsg as well. 💓💓💓)