We got 12 pcs in total (chocolate, oreo, walnut, cranberry) & the boss even gave us one extra free which was his special flavour of the day (orange almond chocolate chip) so we essentially got 13 muffins for $12! We queued for about 30 mins on a Saturday morning bc we had to wait for the muffins to bake (but this just means that their muffins are fresh out of the oven when we buy them) & the boss even gave out a free muffin to us to try while we were queuing! Taste wise, the muffins were really good! It was slightly burnt & crispy on the outside & soft & buttery on the inside (just the way we like it). One of the best muffins we’ve tried so far & it’s so affordable! Would definitely be back for more!!!! 🤤🤤🤤

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