A hearty breakfast that has everything from carbs to proteins to fibers! Price might seem a little steep but the portion was walloping, enough to feed 2.

You won’t get bored of the dish as it’s so varied. Pair the silky moist scrambled eggs on the airy sourdough toast and some lightly salted butter. More carbs to indulge in would be their crispy hash brown. Glad that their English pork sausages didn’t have a strong porky smell/taste and in fact quite enjoyable except that they were a little burnt. Bacon’s not my kinda thing for its oiliness and saltiness but an English breakfast wouldn’t seem to be complete without bacon. Thankfully the veggies such as the sautéed baby spinach, baked beans and slow-roasted tomato helped to tone down the grease and a mix of sautéed mushrooms adds an earthiness.

Left me bloated although it was shared but I am sure I would like to have it again!

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