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having bought this many many times, i concluded that the egg tarts sold at taka is definitely fresher and tastier compared to this... but i guess understandably so since they only do egg tarts where as the outlet at hv offers a wider variety of food items and even drinks! i ordered ice yuan yang and chubby ordered this strange ginger lemon coke hot drink?? the ice yuan yang was subpar (maybe i got too used to the real deal in hk itself) whereas chubby's drink was surprisingly nice!! such a dear this boy, he automatically swap our drink orders cos i said i regretted mine and i also have a terrible cough so really shouldn't be drinking cold drinks hahah and he doesn't even like coffee!! 😅 nice ambience tho very very limited seats/ i recall it being packed during weekends so perhaps avoid that? they also don't serve their other food items during tea time and will only start serving those after 5pm? (please check tho i am not 100% sure)