My go to nasi lemak. If I have people in town visiting, I bring them here because... you can't possibly not love Village Park. The queue might be slightly intimidating but it moves swiftly - as the place is a well oiled machine. Standing way in the back queue, you will smell the wafting aroma of fried chicken way before you see tray after tray of ayam goreng rempah emerging from the kitchen to the chicken man's station. 🤤 The rice is properly steamed, but not inundated with coconut milk too early in the process - ensuring the utmost fragrance without compromising fluffiness. The sambal is a little sweet and is not too spicy (good for those who can't handle the heat).

Tip 1: Extra sambal is RM0.80 but totally worth it. Do it.
Tip 2: If you stand very close to the chicken man, you can try asking him for extra extra crispy spiced chicken bits on top of your nasi lemak.


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