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Since my previous visit about a month before, Chef-owner Mano Thevar has added a few new items to the menu. From the small bites section is the Pulled Duck Murtabak shown above. And oh my, did it scale like a ninja on speed to the pinnacle of my “Favourites at” chart to tie for top spot with the whimper-worthy Chettinad Chicken Roti ($16++).
Think of this delectable bite as the most enlightened form of a murtabak.
[ Aside to those who aren’t from this part of the world: a murtabak is a South Indian style of fried filled dough pancake that’s eaten with curry. It is made by first pulling the dough, then repeatedly flipping it before stretching it out till tissue-thin. Onto that go eggs, chopped onions and either minced mutton, chicken or canned sardine. Next, the dough is folded into a neat flat package for frying. This dish can be easily found at Indian eateries around Singapore and Malaysia ].
Anyway, Chef Mano’s take is a refined miniaturised form of it with a thin dough that retains a subtle chewiness even though it is fried crisp. The filling is a stark contrast of very moist, tender and flavourful duck meat. Representing the curry are dollops of thick, spicy curry sauce while the classic accompaniments of raw cucumber and onions appear in pickled form here. When I tasted all the components in one bite, I swear I attained some sort of gastronomic nirvana.

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