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Finally tried the mother of all Dosa at MTR, I finally understood why the Masala Dosa ($6) here is touted as the best in Singapore.

Perfectly browned and crispy, the Dosa has a nice bite to it, just like a thin biscuit. Filling it is a spoonful of curried potato that has fully soaked up the sauce it is cooked in.

The Dosa comes with a curry sauce and a coriander (?) chutney. My preference is for the latter and I could lick the whole saucer dry.

Also, two thumbs up for the service and cleanliness here. The waiter was nice enough to offer me a fork when he realized that I wasn't going to eat with my hands. Also, the cleaner here would wipe down every table properly with a sanitizing liquid. It is really clean and comfortable for such a bustling place!