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The honey butter chick was really sweet and tender. If you like sweet stuff, this is it for you. The passion fruit makgeoli was abit too sour for my taste but then again, it’s passion fruit.

The service staff here was superb, especially the Malay guy who served me. Super patient to explain everything to me.

Beef bulgogi bibimbap takeaway from @joobarsg at 5 Tan Quee Lan St.
Slow roasted pork belly goes well with makgeolli 😋
Great ambience
Seafood Rappoki (ramyeon with tteokpokki) came with the added comfort of mozzarella cheese topping
Dak Kang Jung ($18)
Honey Butter Chicken
Tofu Chips
Green grape Makgeolli
Joo Loaded Fries
Honey Butter Chick W Makgeoli
joo bossam • $26
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