From the new Chef Street at The Cathay, which is opened by the same folks behind Chef Avenue at Tai Seng. Occupying a smaller floor area where now-defunct E-Grill & Pizza was situated, Chef Street is essentially a slightly different concept where patrons would order at the counter, while the concept also features only a small selection of stalls brought over from Chef Avenue (e.g. Nasi Padang, Japanese Curry, Prawn Noodles and Sumiyaki Coffee).

Priced well below S$10.00, the Pork Katsu Ebi Curry Rice is generously portioned for its price. Whilst the Pork Katsu does take a little effort to chew, the panko-crumbed fillet was crisp on the exterior and well-sized for bigger eaters. Fried Ebi was also of decent quality, carrying a crisp exterior. Patrons can opt for the level of spiciness of their Japanese Curry from Level 1 to 4; can't remember what I exactly went for but it is something in the middle — the curry sauce, though not as thick and dense as other places would serve, was definitely pretty punchy and spicy given how it gave a kick even for those acceptable to moderate levels of spiciness, and a great accompaniment to the short-grained rice. Fried egg was crisp on the edges, with a flowy egg yolk. Pickles and shredded cabbage are included for a refreshing crunch; the former also helping to cut through all that heaviness with its tangy notes. A pretty affordable option within the mall in town!