The filling was very crunchy/grainy, not too sweet! There was a mix of white & black sesame in it. However, the bread was v flat and wasn’t very satisfying. I don’t mind repurchasing, but I would rather get my usual red bean bun.

Agree - this bread tends to be quite tough 🤨 and not fluffy . Prefer the paste to be more of the paste style . Too crunchy 😝
Haha yes I think a paste would be better :)
Try the sesame bread from Le wheat at Ghim Moh if you happen to be near
Oo thanks for the rec! I’ve tried their butter toast and it was not bad :)
Sorry - the breads at le wheat are not for consumption these days - totally different from the early days . No more black sesame bread nor red dates purée breads and the breads are all so flat these days
Haha oh no, that’s so sad :( I got the red bean & black sesame early Jan this year from the woodgrove outlet and found it okay tho!