Mondays don’t need to be blue like you, inside and outside. Blue your house, with a blue little window-you get the idea.

Believe me, Waa Cow!’s (exclamation point emphasized) stunning Yuzu Foie Gras Wagyu Beef Bowl ($25.90++) will light your Monday up no matter what. The fatty foie gras was a waste, as it was overcooked and served cold, which was a shocking shame and an absolute outrage. However, it’s hard to stay angry when there’s an abundance of wondrous Wagyu beef slices, torched to perfection. Smoky, supremely savory and marvelously meaty, the brilliant beef is a super stunner.

Save four bucks and go for the Spicy Mentai wagyu beef bowl, it’s a better deal. Trust me fam. Or if you absolutely, positively gotta spend that four dollars, then get yourself a salmon sashimi set for an additional five bucks.