PSA one perk of watching chefs work is that you can see exactly what they're doing, in this case they're touching all the meat with their bare hands. Not sure if everyone would be bothered by it but I thought an upscale dining place would be more hygienic

Parmesan crusted fish was great. Sorry I couldn't recall the name of the fish, but it's a seabass-type fish and somewhat common, not some atas fish. The flavour was good though, and the parmesan crust was crunchy.

Shirako meuniere was slightly crusted from the "grilling"(it's placed in a pan in the oven), smooth creamy texture and no offending smell

The uni oil(orange blob at top left) was incredible, the complexity is superb. It's a pity the blob is tiny

Sake butter sauce was smooth and there's abit of seafood umami

Things didn't necessarily work tgt but each component was great, overall this dish impressed

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