📍White Restaurant, Jewel Changi📍
💸White Bee Hoon (for 2-3 pax): $12
💸Homemade Fried Beancurd: $12.80
💸 Signature Fried Mid Wings: $10.80
Craving for some 白米粉 and back at this famous restaurant at a more convenient location! The 白米粉 zhap seems to be slightly more gooey than what we remembered🤔 Gave the meat and seafood roll a miss and tried the homemade fried beancurd which was quite nice! The fried wings were also tasty with a hint of Indonesian flavour😊 Perhaps we should try the original 白米粉 at Sembawang next time! Also, don’t get daunted by the long queue as their service is quite fast so we didn’t have to wait that long!

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