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[165SGD for 2 people : 2 mains + 2 side + 2 desserts + 2 glasses of wine]

I called for reservation for my bf and me. Wanted to use the Burpple deal but when we arrived onsite, we were told it were “fully redeemed”. The second bad surprise is that we specifically chosed that restaurant for the 7-course menu but none were available, the manager giving the excuse “you need to specify that you want the 7 course menu in your reservation”.

We were also denied to change table on our request on the excuse that the other tables were “reserved” even if we ... reserved....

The style of the restaurant tries to copy French new gender where “industrial / everyday” features are used. However it s not an excuse to use cheap stools without a back or cheap plates ( our fries were served in an aluminium frier plate) when we spent 80SGD per pax.

Some pointers to the food:
-the truffle fries aren’t made using fresh potatoes 🙅🏻‍♀️
- The sauce accompanying the beef is simple cheap beef stock reduction
-The 45 SGD 400-day score 4-5 deckle wagyu beef was.... let s say.... okay... 🙆🏻
-the 55 SGD score 9 wagyu is not as good as the one above. It doesn’t not taste like a noble part of the beef as it was way too chewy🙅🏻‍♀️
-the best part of the diner was the desert and the only point I would give to the restaurant would be a creative one for the Panna cotta foie gras🙆🏻