The Short Review x HeartyTastyWorthy

Instagrammability: Low -
Loud music and dim lights make for a semi-club atmosphere.

Advice: Instead of braving the 'at least 30 min queue time' for eating in, opt to take-away your burger (takes less than 10 mins) and head over to Selfridges Kitchen on the 4th floor of the mall.

'Smokey Robinson' Burger [£8.50]
Amazingly grilled beef patty which had an exterior taste of duck fat, with wonderful caramelised onions which were not too sweet. The special smokey P&B mayo was the clincher though that binded this bad boy together.

Hearty: 4/5
Tasty: 5/5
Worthy: 4/5

Chips with Roast Chicken Mayo and Chicken Skin Salt [£3.50]
Not in the picture, but the chips were really crispy, literally like chips. Mayo tasted heavily of chicken and fat, which was pretty tasty but made it slightly 'gelat'.

Hearty: 3/5
Tasty: 3/5
Worthy: 3/5

Come Here: Again

Referenced Cephas' Short Review format again for this review! Its much easier to document when I try more than 1 dish at a single venue. Find him @limjwc