Owned and run by a friendly Muslim couple, this halal stall in an old and very narrow corner kopitiam offers a small variety of dishes but it doesn't matter because I was there to try their Surabaya-style Ayam Penyet.
The husband named Abang Batman (and that's a story you need to ask him in person) is clearly the chattier of the two. He was more than happy to share with me what makes their Ayam Penyet special. So through a show-and-tell style, I learned that it all starts with boiling the chicken pieces in a fragrant gravy for 3 hours until the bones are tender enough to be eaten. They must then be drained dry before being dipped in batter and deep-fried in extremely hot oil. His wife is the sambal queen as she grinds the ingredients by hand using an Indonesian style pestle and mortar (it is different from the bowl-shaped kind used by my Peranakan grandma and mum).
I am not sure if I was imagining things but the piping hot crispy chicken and tofu tasted extra shiok with freshly-made sambal. Interestingly, spiciness was not as intense as I thought it'd be, which is good news for those who've set their tongues on fire before at other Ayam Penyet places. It's also a bit sweeter due to the use of fresh tomatoes and sugar. The soup that's included is different from the typical clear ones as well.
If you love exploring food made with passion and an ambience that seems to have hit the pause button a couple of decades ago, you should pay a visit to "Impian Wahyu" at 49 Jalan Besar (junction of Dickson Road).
Abang Batman told me they also do catering but there's a minimum order for 15 pax. Seems quite a few groups of savvy tourists have already done so.

🤤 Saw your IG stories. This looks so good.
Thanks Phoebe Ting It was shiok 👍😋