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Was late at night and I really wanted desserts so thankfully oblong closed at 2 on a Friday!!!! ☺️
Had the red velvet waffle and double scoop (~$11.50) after everyone hyped me
up about the red velvet, and wOW it totally deserved the hype!! Waffles with cream cheese between it, wasn’t sure if it would work with the ice cream but the slight saltiness and different temperature of the ice cream/ cream cheese cake together to make such an amazinggg dessert 🍦
Cookies and cream wasn’t your usual cnc ice cream, since the cream and cookie wasn’t separated and the cookie chunks were more like blended into the ice cream, with an Oreo milkshake like texture 🍶🍪
Nutella banana really surprised me bc you could taste both flavours without one overpowering the other 🍌

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