Deep fried prawns tossed in wasabi mayo are undeniably unctuous, which explains their ubiquity. As a self respecting seafood restaurant, of course @tunglokgroup does their own rendition of it, and it’s a pretty piquant one.⠀

At twenty eight bucks before the extra 17% custom, you can expect TungLok to plate up some outstanding wasabi prawns. The prawns are fine, fresh and absolutely humongous, and they are coated in a thin and delightfully crispy batter that keeps the fantastically fresh prawns juicy & splendidly springy during the deep frying process.⠀

The divinely deep fried prawns are thoroughly tossed & coated in the wonderful wasabi mayonnaise. The wasabi mayo is nicely nose tingling due to the heat of the wasabi, while the creamy smooth mayo soothed any inflamed tastebuds and added a charmingly creamy & rich texture to the dish. To stop this luscious dish from getting overbearingly rich, a heap of julienned cucumbers and some bits of fresh grapefruit adorn this divine dish.

Besides one for one deals on the salmon sashimi platter, #burpplebeyond and TungLok have collaborated to give you twenty percent off your food bill from Mondays to Thursdays! It’s a pretty good deal, so get it before it’s gone!⠀

Thank you for hosting me, @burpple & @tunglokgroup!