@dapaolosg: okie I really really love my carbs and noodles HAHAHA so I was initially superrr excited to have my meal here but.... I was so disappointed with the pasta I almost pasta-way 🤪😉 HAHAHA okie jokes aside, my friend ordered the crab linguine (which I didn’t get to try cos my friend started eating and I didn’t wanna share noods cos COVID lol) and idk why but the cheese was a lil too pungent for my liking too 🤢
But the mushroom aglio olio was p okay!! The mushrooms were seasoned well, the garlic was super fragrant and not too oily. However, 1 gripe would be that the noodles were very underseasoned... they tasted like they were fresh out of the boiling water (so maybe @dapaolosg can add a lil but more salt in here and all will be good hehe) 👌👅👅