@sushiteisg, for limited time only,showcase Miyazaki Prefecture’s Prodduce in their special winter menu.
Feature :
💕Sashimi “Aoshima” 4 kinds.
The highlight is Fresh Hebesu Buri, the sweet and creamery amberjack laced with natural citrus punch.
💕Pearl Negitoro Maki.
Maki roll with Buttery negitoro tuna and topped with ikura.
💕Fried Mehikari.
Crunchy golden greeneye fish tempura.
💕Miyazaki Wagyu Beef and Budou Pork Meat Gyoza.
The pork tasted sweeter because addition of grape husks added into its feed.
💕Nanban Chicken.
Deep fried chicken finished with tartar sauce.
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