There's a reason why you don't see many photos of hawker food here – the best hawker eats just aren't in Singapore. So we packed our bags and took the red-eye to KL because we were craving for bak kut teh.

Unfortunately, we missed Ah Ping's by minutes, but Chuan's isn't too shabby, holding the fort pretty well – it was full house on a Sunday night and people were still arriving despite 15 minutes to closing.

The soup, concentrated and sweet from hours of boiling with herbs and bones, brimming with beancurd skin, enoki and huge slabs of meat, evoked such an aroma that made our taste buds tingle.

And then there is the dry version, where every flavor is magnified. This is why you can't choose between the two. You just have to get both.
Good ol' BKT. #GourmetAdventuresInKL