First meal where the both of us have had such divergent views on the food. He thought it was a massive disaster while she was thinking of the next time they were gonna come back for it. He though that there was too much going on and that this was a confused burger: too many sauces, too many toppings. The worst part was that there was no distinct flavour nor any char in the beef , although this should have been the star of the dish. She, on the other hand, loved the jalapeños in the dish because she likes things spicy^^. She also liked what seemed like a potato roll (note: carbs are her weakness), which wrapped what was a juicy burger to her. She also liked that there was still texture to her patty, rather than those processed ones.

Note: He got a medium burger while she got a medium-rare so we could try out the different textures.

Don’t Order (for him)❌
Can Order (for her)👍