Dropped by the new 5 by San Façon over the weekend — not just for one of the two days, but for both days; can’t get over how the F&B establishment is being set in the tranquil and laid back neighbourhood of The Oval at Seletar Aerospace Park hidden away from the buzzier restaurants such as The Summerhouse/Wildseed Cafe and Wheelers Estate, being situated in a black-and-white house tucked further towards the middle of the entire district.

While 5 by Sans Façon is an establishment with a French influence in the cuisine that they serve, there are a few items which are offered on the menu that comes with an American influence. The Revisited New York Hotdog is just one of those items; featuring Brioche Bun, Onion Confit, Sauerkraut, Jalapeño and Mustard, the item also comes with thick-cut fries accompanied on the side. This is indeed comfort food served with finesse — the brioche bun was light and fluffy, yet crusted on the exterior being lightly toasted, while the chicken hotdog was soft, bouncy and juicy without being overly saltish. Accompanied with jalapeños, sauerkraut and onion confit, the condiments provided a mix of very slight spiciness, sweetness and tanginess that helps to ante up the flavour profile of the entire dish, whilst giving it varying degrees of crunch for a contrast in texture; the mustard providing an earthy note that cuts through the heaviness of both the hotdog and bread. The thick-cut fries were also delicious; crisp on the exterior and provided a good bite; it was well-seasoned with salt, whilst not being greasy.

Given how new the establishment is, there are slight teething problems with the service at times — none of which too concerning. One thing that I love absolutely about this place though is the vibes; the European-style interior fits that setting of the black-and-white house completely — a very homey look and feel that is absolutely charming and makes one feel less compelled to leave given how comfy it is. Pretty impressed with the food served here too, though portions are on the bigger side. Certainly a spot recommended to make a special visit for; great for dates too — will be back again for more!