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I was very, very skeptical about this combi at new summer line up at Mad About Sucre. With all the accolades and awards over the last 5 years (well almost), have they gone over their heads, is it their cocky confidence or have they lose their plots?

I step back into Mad after missing out 1 season due to intense work commitments. Same familiar vibes, same scents... That is reassuring :)

With a ‘no’ in my the head and a ‘why not’ in my mind, I ordered Lybi, a dessert concoction of lychee, wasabi, lime and mint. Lybi sat demurely with confidence on the green plate with no other decorations and condiments, just pure, clean and simplicity in presentation.

Knife in, fork in, first vertical segment of Lybi into my mouth...

Verdict 1: Lybi melts away all my skepticism, the flavors work crazily well together like a beautiful summer day. The spicy tea pairing brought my palate to another level altogether.

Verdict 2: Mad is still at the top of their games after all these years with so many closing and opening of cake shops. They are a class on their own when it comes to flavor pairings.

Verdict 3: Mad has evolved over the last few years, from season 1 in 2015 with their deeply mesmerizing martini-glass dessert ‘Carpentras’ (flavors still swirl deliciously in my memories) to the current 22nd seasons, I can’t help but feeling being part of their growth. They still dun pursue any publicity, they still dun put efforts into garnering supports and reviews, they just focus on their own goals. Whether or not they have garnered the biggest awards in the world or not has no relevance to me as this is the only brand that I go to every single season (san 1 season). I am immensely proud of this home-grown brand. Who says local brands can’t compete in international stages?

Verdict 4: Mad is Evil... Their desserts and cakes absolutely made my taste buds more atas that I can absolutely not try another cakes and deserts without comparing them to Mad. With only 1 stomach, I might as well go for the best.

Well, it’s a long review over 1 cake. Well.... why not ??? It’s summer after all :)

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