Nian Gao waffles ($6.80 alacarte)
+ Double scoop ($15.80)
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴Finally tried the popular tea-based gelato spot. The nian gao waffles certainly lived up to the hype with its enjoyable textural contrast of soft, chewy rice cake with crispy, airy waffle, and creamy ice cream.

Was spoilt for choice among the tea flavours and settled on matcha butterfly pea soy and tie guan yin. The former was a feast for the eyes and reminded us of earth 🌍. Comprised of two distinct flavours of matcha on one side and soy on the other. As a matcha fan, did appreciate the distinct tea aroma in the green section but found the creamy soy element in the blue section to overpower it. Enjoyed the aromatic and roasted notes of tie guan yin. Fortune cookie element was cute but it had unfortunately lost its crisp.

Will be back to try their other unique tea flavours like yuzu shiso and duck shit oolong.

📍, 24 Sago Street, Singapore