Order 4 different Chicken to try. Overall my dining experience was a wondrous joy.

Crunch chicken in boneless is good for those who is too lazy to get oneself busy with bones and all. Is a healthier version that doesnt use oil but baked. The meat for the thigh are chunky, juicy tender and succulent and it doesnt taste dry.

Half fried rice chicken was neatly cut into pieces and served in a tray made of wooden beer barrel. The fried rice chicken use rice flour as coating. The batter was light and the chicken fried to perfect crispiness yet retaining moist tender meat. The skin felt crunchier and less greasy than most other fried chicken.

Half Sauced Rice Chicken in Original Mild, with mild level of spiciness of the sauce was crunchy, sweet, spicy and flavourful on the outside and juicy, hot and tender on the inside. All the chicken are well coated with the mild spicy sauce, and in my opinion, the sauce is pretty spicy. 

Half Sauced Soy Sauce boasts a crunchy exterior and moist inside, slicked with a glistening, caramelised sweet sauce that hits all the right spots.

If chicken is not your dish, can try their army stew which is also comforting and worth the calories.

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