I’m a sucker for specials, which is why I ordered a bowl of seafood don at @aburien.sg, which is much better known for its glorious grilled meats. There’s a Hokkaido seafood special running right now, and the Salmon Hotate (scallop) Crab Don is one of the mains on the menu at $28++.⠀

It’s passable, but the thing that really annoyed me was that the shredded crab was out of place in the bowl. It seemed isolated from the salmon & scallops, and felt more like an attempt to crank up the price to twenty eight bucks as opposed to being a component in a cohesive whole. If they had drizzled the same passably palatable teriyaki sauce on the salmon over the crab as well, this bowl would’ve fared far better.⠀

They’re generous with the shredded crab, and the scallops are ample enough, which does make up for the salmon slices being thinner than average. At @aburien.sg, you can’t beat their meat, and you can take that to the bank.