I would usually only write at length for something that's either rly gd or rly awful. Unfortunately, this review is of the latter.

Right off the bat, we could sense something was off when there was no staff to welcome us in despite it being 6+ pm on a Friday. It took a good 2 to 3 minutes for a staff to finally come out from the back to sit us.

We ordered (the ordering bell was out of battery :/) the sea bass & the crab pasta. Visually, the plating for both dishes looked uninspiring (sry for the lack of pictures to back this up) Despite being branded as "aglio olio" on the menu, the pasta was dripping wet & tasted heavily of pepper. The crab pieces seemed frozen too; it was hard to appreciate much flavour in them. The fish, being the highlight of the dish, was overcooked and the sides were average at best.

Even the water was chargeable by the bottle (mineral water I guess). The only plus point was the mango smoothie, which was actually decent!

The total bill came up to around 40 bucks which definitely could have been better spent at other restaurants. Would not recommend, especially those 2 dishes :(

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