I’ve tried many burgers at VeganBurg, but the Avocado Beetroot Burger is by far my favourite. I like that the team tends to be very generous with the avocado, and the soy patty is very meaty. Overall, it tastes really fresh and hearty! Texture is also on point. However, the points go down a bit when they don’t add sufficient sauce (rarely though!), because then the burger gets a little dry and the flavours of the vegetables, bun and patty taste disjointed. Seaweed fries are always thick, crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside (on most good days), but would be even better with even more seaweed seasoning as the amount of seasoning tends to be inconsistent across all the fries. Drinks-wise, I personally like the Ginger Lemonade and would recommend it, but it may be a bit spicy because of the ginger and it tastes pretty unique; orange juice would be a safer bet.