Ever since I watched Minwoo & Andy of Shinhwa gobble their way thru Muthu’s Curry (Racecourse rd) on One Night Food Trip, I’ve been hankering to do the same.

My first visit to Muthu’s definitely called for their signature fish head curry. The wait was long and I was starving. So when it finally arrived at my table, I was pleased to see a large fish head filled with tender chunks of meat. Quite a generous portion for $22 (S). The fish meat was smooth and I was delighted that there were only large fish bones, not the small pesky ones that I hate. The curry was really quite spicy, with fragrant spices and herbs. I loved the slight tang of sourness. Not too oily either. Almost a perfect dish. The only down side was that there were no veges. Only 4 pcs of pineapples. That puzzled me, cos the description in the menu definitely mentioned vege. But I was getting full, so I didn’t bother.

I asked the cashier while I was paying. The manager beside him was appalled that there were no lady’s fingers in my curry and thanked me for my feedback. Thou I loogi my vege this time, I definitely wanna come back for more.