If I bother to travel to the CBD for a regular weekend family dinner- it hopefully means something; I like the food here a lot. Today I try things on the menu I would not have ordered on my own; if not for my Brother, which I have to admit I was grateful. The clear mussel soup had minimal odour from what you’d expect when the shellfish is cooked; mum proposed it was because fresh mussels are used and the restaurant must have handled the mussels methodically to remove any odour. Whatever the case the, made spicy by chopped chilli padi, clear soup base was excellent and the mussels were of very good texture.
The latter description holds true too- for our first round of US prime ribs (200g for $20++ U.P.; on burpplebeyond)

I couldn’t miss out on ordering the pancakes here which sadly was the least favourite only because of all the great dishes we had. While the seafood pancake is good, I was reminded of the bulgogi one that was definitely more outstanding.

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