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The one-Michelin-starred restaurant from Osaka has found its first international outpost on our sunny shores. The intimate 40-seater in Odeon Towers specialises in kushikatsu, an Osakan specialty of deep-fried battered meat, seafood and vegetable skewers. As with Japanese cooking, the skill employed elevates deep-fried fare to crisp golden sticks of deliciousness, encased in light as air batter. Yum! The concept also sees a twist on the traditional — here, skewers are served with freshly baked bread, and the food is paired with a curated selection of wines from around the world. There are only two menu options here and both are pricey, so save this for occasions when you want to impress. The Omakase set ($134) allows you to eat up till 20 skewers, and comes with a veggie bowl, homemade pickles, fruit jelly and bread, while the Kushiage x Selected Wines Marriage Menu ($288) gets you 15 skewers and the same sides, along with wine and champagne pairing. Pro tip: Don't fret if you're a small eater. You can request to stop eating at any time, and the bill will be calculated based on the number of skewers you consumed.
Avg Price: $150 per person
Photo by Burppler Joe Yang