Not all mac & cheese are made equal, as (unfortunately) proves. When you think mac & cheese, you think of a salty, cheesy, gooey and scandalously sinful mess of macaroni in a rich, cheesy mess. Well, this was adequately cheesy, but it was utterly unseasoned.⠀

Remember: EVERYTHING needs to be backed up by salt. It doesn’t matter how sweet, spicy or sour your food is, it needs a measure of salt. This mac & cheese was skint on salt, and that resulted in a mouthful of empty creaminess. There’s texture, but virtually zero flavour. There’s a monumental void where the savouriness & deliciousness went missing, and that alone broke the whole dish.⠀

At five bucks for this serving, I was sorely tempted to demand my money back. Such was my distaste with the lack of seasoning that I couldn’t be bother to finish half of it, instead considering it better to let it go to waste. It was a waste indeed, as the cheesiness levels in the dish were quite acceptable, and the elbow pasta was quite al dente. Let this be today’s lesson kids: SEASON EVERYTHING LIKE RAMSAY’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

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