Growing up in SF (aka in my humble opinion the ✨CAPITAL✨ of sourdough) I can state really confidently that Starter Lab does sourdough the BEST in Singapore. Although their products are definitely on the pricier side, they are really able to deliver in terms of tanginess and their crumb has a great moist texture too. As someone who makes sourdough at home, I always have a tough time to achieve the tang in Singapore and will always come here for my bread fix when I miss the tang.

Pictured here are two of their tartines. The mascarpone tartine with the honey and bee pollen was amazing but being more of a savoury person I loved the ricotta tartine with roasted tomato and the balsamic vinegar glaze because it has that balance of rich, tang, sweet, and savoury. But both are definitely amazing in their own right.