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We were rather disappointed with our visit though.
With options of various cuts up for offer, there were only limited choices available when we visited, with most of them “sold out”. A standard portion was 150gm while Double Up pretty much meant 2 pieces of the same cut. We picked their Ribeye and Chuck steak for a comparison. We didn’t enjoy both the steaks. The Ribeye was pretty fatty while the latter was really ordinary. There wasn’t any char finishing though they were nicely cooked inside. We felt very surfeited towards the end, possibly due to the oiliness from the cooking rather than the fats in the meat. The steaks were also seasoned too salty to be enjoyable.
The sides available were similarly to those you would find at Aston’s so there wasn’t any surprise. Neither was there any satisfaction.
Frankly, we didn’t find these any better value for money than Aston. Even if the cuts were indeed better, the cooking didn’t do them any justice. There are better choices around for both premium and economical steak.