PPP Coffee at Funan is one of those places that I would visit in a heartbeat — a central location that serves up pretty good coffee and some rather interesting light bites and unique concoctions of specialty coffee. Had been eyeing on the recently-launched Espresso Soft Serve for quite a while already, so it was definitely something on the list when we had to make our visit to Funan to replace a cracked screen protector for the phone (yes, I have regular spots for almost everything 🤣)

The Espresso Soft Serve is something that we utterly enjoyed — think smooth and creamy soft serve that tastes almost like a well-balanced coffee milkshake; aptly sweet and sufficiently milky but carries a slight earthy undertone from the espresso used. Also liked the consistency of the soft serve here; not too dense nor icy — also liked how it wasn’t too “watery”, which made it feel very well-executed. The Espresso Soft Serve also comes with almond brittle and granola bits — both helping to add a crunch to the smooth soft serve; the brittle especially adding a complimenting nuttiness to the whole dessert.

There are quite a number of specialty coffee stores in City Hall, but PPP Coffee is one that comes to the mind whenever I am looking for a spot to sit around and chill with a cuppa at hand — liked how they do carry items such as the coffee-infused Ondeh Ondeh, as well as Papa’s Iced Coffee (iced latte with coffee jelly) that makes for something different from the usual. The Espresso Soft Serve is one item that adds on to the list of things I would order again the next time I am here.